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JHY Chemicals is a comprehensive industrial enterprise integrating production, logistics and export trade. We have more than 20 years of professional production experience and nearly 10 years of export experience.Jhy has independent export qualifications, The ratio of exports is 60% of total production.

JHY specializes in the production and sales of caustic soda flake , caustic soda pearls , caustic soda liquid ,caustic soda solid and has a leading brand position in the industry. (Caustic soda is an alkaline chemical raw material, widely used in Mining, Oilfield drilling, Refining petroleum products, Refining edible oil, Soapmaking, Papermaking, Textile dyeing, Cellulose industry, Ogannic and Inoganic chemical products(paints, glass and ceramics), Metallurgy, Electroplating, Watertreatment and other fields).


China is the main producer of caustic soda. The chemical name of caustic soda is sodium hydroxide in China. Because of production scale effect, quality of caustic soda flakes and pearls in China is much better than other countries. China caustic soda price is very competitive in the same quality compared with caustic soda from other countries origin.

As professional manufacturer of caustic soda flakes in China and caustic soda pearls, Tianjin jiahengyuan provide competitive caustic soda price in China.