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Good quality caustic soda content 99% Made in China
Good quality caustic soda content 99% Made in China

Good quality caustic soda content 99% Made in China

Product Attributes :

COMMODITY:caustic soda flake


CAS No:1310-73-2    

EINECS No:215-185-5

PACKAGE:25kg bag,customized package

Product Description:

Sodium hydroxide, also known as caustic soda, caustic soda, liquid caustic soda and caustic soda (sodium hydroxide; lye and caustic soda), etc., chemical formula is NaOH, is a highly corrosive strong alkali, generally white flakes or particles, can It can be dissolved in water to generate alkaline solution, and it can also be dissolved in methanol and ethanol. This alkaline substance is deliquescent and will absorb water vapor in the air, as well as acid gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide.

Sodium hydroxide is one of the commonly used chemicals. It has a wide range of applications and is a necessity for many industrial processes: commonly used in the manufacture of wood pulp paper, textiles




Industrial grade GB209-2006

Composing  Flake/pearl/solid 96% Flake/pearl/solid 98% Flake/pearl/solid 99%
NaOH 96% Min  98% Min 99% Min
Na2CO3  1% Max 0.5% Max.  0.4% Max.
NaCl  2% Max.  0.03% Max.  0.015% Max
Fe203 0.01% Max 0.005% Max  0.001% Max


25kg bag,  customized package


Wide range of applications: it can be used in soap making and detergents, and it can be used to remove impurities in the paper industry.

It can also be used in the chemical field to make oxalic acid and other products, in the mining and textile industries. Making glass and ceramics.


Caustic soda storage needs to be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse. or

Store in highly dry warehouses or sheds, protected from rainwater

Flammable and acid products need to be kept away, packaging needs to be intact and sealed.

Because sodium hydroxide is easy to deliquescence, more importantly, sodium hydroxide easily reacts with carbon dioxide in the air to form sodium carbonate and water

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