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caustic soda flakes china
caustic soda flakes china

caustic soda flakes china

Product Attributes :

COMMODITY:caustic soda flake


CAS No:1310-73-2    

EINECS No:215-185-5

PACKAGE:25kg bag,customized package

Product Description:

Product name: Caustic Soda Flake

CAS No.: 1310-73-2 Hazard Class: 8
UN No.: UN1823
Packing Group: II
H.S.CODE: 28151100
Molecular Weight: 40.00 
Molecular Formula: NaOH

Appearance: White flakes

Sodium hydroxide, the chemical formula is NaOH, commonly known as caustic soda, caustic soda, caustic soda, emits ammonia smell when dissolved, is a strong corrosive alkali, generally in the form of flakes or granules, easily soluble in water (soluble in water). exothermic in the presence of water) and forms an alkaline solution



Industrial grade GB209-2006

Composing  Flake/pearl/solid 96% Flake/pearl/solid 98% Flake/pearl/solid 99%
NaOH 96% Min  98% Min 99% Min
Na2CO3  1% Max 0.5% Max.  0.4% Max.
NaCl  2% Max.  0.03% Max.  0.015% Max
Fe203 0.01% Max 0.005% Max  0.001% Max



25kg bag,  customized package


Caustic soda is involved in various fields. It can refine petroleum and adjust acidity regulators in food, and can also clean wine bottles and grain and oil containers.

It can also be used as a synthetic detergent, used in textile dyeing, as a mercerizing agent

Adjust the hardness of water in water treatment.

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