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caustic soda used in textile industry
caustic soda used in textile industry caustic soda used in textile industry caustic soda used in textile industry

caustic soda used in textile industry

Product Attributes :

Description: caustic soda used in textile industry

Appearance: white pearls, prills or pellets


CAS number: 1310-73-2

HS code: 28151100

UN number: 1823

PACKAGE :25kg bag; 25kg plastic drum;1.2tons jumbo bag; customized bag.

Hazardous: yes, it is class 8

caustic soda used in textile industry

Product Description:

Caustic soda which chemical name is sodium hydroxide(NaOH) is one of the necessary chemicals in textile industry and dyeing. It is strong corrosive. 

For better transportation and saving cost to export, generally caustic soda is made into solid. The solid shapes are pearls and flakes. 

Caustic soda soid is purity. The sodium hydroxide content in caustic soda solid get 98%-100%.

Spec of caustic soda pearls and caustic soda flakes:

Spec NaOH, % Na2CO3, % NaCl, % Fe2O3, %
caustic soda flakes 98-100 ≤0.5 ≤0.03 ≤0.001
caustic soda pearls 99-100 ≤0.5 ≤0.03 ≤0.001


25kg bag for flakes and pearls, 26 tons flakes or 28 tons pearls per 20ft container.

Customized package available.

Caustic soda used in textile industry

1. Soaking

Caustic soda is an important chemical reagent that is widely used in the pretreatment process of textile printing and dyeing processes. At this stage, textiles are often washed with water and soaked in a caustic soda solution for a period of time to remove impurities and grease. In addition, caustic soda can help control the surface tension of the fiber, making it easier to absorb dye.

2. Alkali treatment

In addition to soaking, caustic soda is also widely used for alkali treatment in the printing and dyeing process. During this process, caustic soda can help the dye adhere better to the fiber and improve the uniformity and brightness of the dyeing. The main principle of alkali treatment is that caustic soda can neutralize the static charge on the fiber surface and reduce the charge density on the fiber surface, making it easier for the dye to bind to the fiber.

3. Restoration and cleaning

In the dyeing process, reduction cleaning is an indispensable step. The role of caustic soda in this process is to remove impurities other than fibers and residual dye. During this process, caustic soda can also promote the reduction of dyes into colorless substances and help them quickly dissolve from the fiber surface, thereby ensuring dyeing uniformity and completion.

In summary, caustic soda is widely used in textile printing and dyeing and plays an important role in soaking, alkali treatment, reduction cleaning and other aspects. The principles of these applications and their impact on the printing and dyeing process need to be studied and mastered in actual production.

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