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price sodium hydroxide
price sodium hydroxide

price sodium hydroxide

Product Attributes :

COMMODITY:caustic soda flake


CAS No:1310-73-2    

EINECS No:215-185-5

PACKAGE:25kg bag,customized package


Product Description:

Caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) is a white solid at room temperature, soluble in water. The aqueous solution is strongly alkaline, has astringency and a greasy feeling, and is generally available in two forms: solid and liquid. There are solids, blocks, flakes, and granules.






Industrial grade GB209-2006

Composing  Flake/pearl/solid 96% Flake/pearl/solid 98% Flake/pearl/solid 99%
NaOH 96% Min  98% Min 99% Min
Na2CO3  1% Max 0.5% Max.  0.4% Max.
NaCl  2% Max.  0.03% Max.  0.015% Max
Fe203 0.01% Max 0.005% Max  0.001% Max



25kg bag,customized package


The application of caustic soda is very wide, it can be used in the soap industry, and it can also be used to synthesize washing liquid.

In the textile industry, it can remove grease from cotton yarn and wool, and caustic soda is also required in man-made fibers.

It can be used in water treatment and sewage treatment to reduce the hardness of water. Also used in tap water

Caustic soda is also needed in mining, and bauxite plays a big role

Vegetable oil can be refined, petroleum when making glass

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