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caustic soda flakes price is high
caustic soda flakes price is high

caustic soda flakes price is high

Product Attributes :

COMMODITY:caustic soda flake


CAS No:1310-73-2    

EINECS No:215-185-5

PACKAGE:25kg bag,customized package

Product Description:

caustic soda is one of the necessary chemicals in chemical laboratories, and it is also one of the common chemicals. Pure products are colorless and transparent crystals.

Density 2.130g/cm³. Melting point 318.4 ℃. Boiling point 1390 ℃. Industrial products contain a small amount of sodium chloride and sodium carbonate, which are white opaque crystals. There are blocks, flakes, granules and rods, etc.




Industrial grade GB209-2006

Composing  Flake/pearl/solid 96% Flake/pearl/solid 98% Flake/pearl/solid 99%
NaOH 96% Min  98% Min 99% Min
Na2CO3  1% Max 0.5% Max.  0.4% Max.
NaCl  2% Max.  0.03% Max.  0.015% Max
Fe203 0.01% Max 0.005% Max  0.001% Max


25kg bag, customized package


Caustic soda is mainly used in soap making and washing products, and can also be used in the petroleum industry to refine petroleum to remove gums in petroleum fractions.

Used in mines to process bauxite.


Caustic soda is also widely used in water treatment. In sewage treatment plants, caustic soda can reduce the hardness of water through neutralization.


Store in a highly dry warehouse or shed to prevent rainwater intrusion. The stacking place should be kept away from flammable, combustible and acid substances. The package should be completely sealed to avoid contact with white dust. Handling requires light loading and unloading to prevent package damage.

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