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caustic soda sodium hydroxide
caustic soda sodium hydroxide

caustic soda sodium hydroxide

Product Attributes :

COMMODITY: Caustic soda pearls 99%, sodium hydroxide solid

APPEARANCE: white pearls, prills or pellets


CAS No.: 1310-73-2

HS CODE: 28151100

EINECS No.: 209-553-4

PACKAGE :25kg bag; 25kg plastic drum;1.2tons jumbo bag


Product Description:

Our factory produces caustic soda solids, caustic soda pearls and caustic soda flakes. Sodium hydroxide is also a liquid, which is corrosive and hygroscopic. Caustic soda has many uses, and can be used in papermaking, medicine, and washing industries. The quality of the products produced by our factory is very good.








Specification of sodium hydroxide pearls 99%:

Items NaOH Na2CO3 NaCl Fe203
caustic soda pearls99%   ≥99% ≤0.5% ≤0.03%  ≤0.001%


25kg PP bag with PE liner, 28 tons/20GP without pallets.

Customized package available.


Widely used in soap making, textile, printing and dyeing, bleaching, paper making, petroleum refining, metallurgy and other chemical industries.

Ordinary soap is the sodium salt of higher fatty acid, which is generally obtained by saponification of oil under the action of a slight excess of caustic soda.

If fatty acid is used directly as raw material, soda ash can also be used instead of caustic soda to make soap.

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