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sodium hydroxide bulk suppliers -JHY Chem
sodium hydroxide bulk suppliers -JHY Chem sodium hydroxide bulk suppliers -JHY Chem

sodium hydroxide bulk suppliers -JHY Chem

Product Attributes :

Desciption: sodium hydroxide bulk suppliers

Color: White, transparent,

Shape: Flakes, Pearls

UN No.: 1823

Package: 25kg bag, jumbo bag, customized package accepted.

Dangerous: yes, class 8

sodium hydroxide bulk suppliers -JHY Chem

Product Description:

Sodium hydroxide, its commercial name is caustic soda. It is an inorganic basical chemical with strongly alkaline and corrosive which must be needed in many industries. 

JHY Chem has its own factory and we are one of the most important sodium hydroxide bulk suppliers in China.

China is the main prodction country of sodium hydroxide bulk in the world. all factories in China use the most advanced technology to produce sodium hydroxide and have good reputation in the world.


Industrial grade GB/T209-2006



Flake/solid 96%

Flake 98%

Flake/pearl 99%

sodium hydroxide(NaOH), %

96 Min

 98 Min

99 Min

sodium carbonte(Na2CO3), %

 1 Max

0.8 Max. 

0.5 Max.

sodium chloride(NaCl), %

2 Max.

 0.05 Max.

 0.03 Max

Fe as Fe203

0.01 Max

0.008 Max 

0.001 Max


25kg bag, big bag(jumbo bag), customized package


Sodium hydroxide has many uses, and can be used as a saponification when making soap and ph regulator in making liquid soap.

By using sodium hydroxide, the insoluble impurities can be removed in the metallurgical industry.

It is also used as desizing agent and mercerizing agent in the dyeing and textile industry.

It can remove tree gums and other impurities when makding pulp and paper.

sodium hydroxide has many other use in mining, alumina extraction, oid refining, drilling in oilfield and other industries.

Neutralizes hard water and pH in water treatment, and has a good effect on heavy metal precipitation when treating sewage.

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